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United by Catholic faith, our mission is to form a community of life-long learners growing in body, mind, and spirit. April, 2012                             



We, the community of Immaculate Conception School, believe that we are an extension of the Christian home and family, assisting in each child’s spiritual growth in the Catholic tradition.

We facilitate learning, which encourages students to be intrinsically motivated learners.  We foster an atmosphere that nurtures independent thinking.  We utilize technology to access and apply information in the learning process. 

We encourage each child to develop a strong sense of self-discipline and a respect for others.  We rejoice in the individuality of each child.



1. The student is the primary focus of all decision making of the school.

2. Each student is an individual child of God who is instructed in the basic teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church and is actively involved in his or her faith formation.

3. Curriculum and instructional practices incorporate a variety of learning strategies and assessments.  These allow students to demonstrate understanding, to actively problem solve, and to continuously produce quality work.

4. Students, staff, and parents develop a sense of Christian Community demonstrated with mutual respect in a safe environment.

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